I have always called myself a visionary,not because I can see into the future, but I follow trends and predictions, take the lessons from the past and try and create opportunities in the now!  I have learned that it is not about creating something completely new and revolutionary (the adoption rate amongst most people is usually very slow when there is nothing like it in the marketplace) but rather about taking an existing product/service and refining/perfecting it.

I read a lot,mostly online. Years ago I subscribed to a daily newspaper and a weekend bumper edition.Those where the days when the “jobs offered” section in the classifieds was almost as thick as the property guide. My reading is mostly non-fiction, business and Technology related. I follow world news mostly on TV channels and mobile apps.

My German immigrant parents instilled a Wanderlust in me and I have traveled extensively and intend to visit many more places on our beautiful planet. As I live in a multicultural society with a brutal past, I am particularly interested in different cultures,their history and their traditions.

I am in awe of Nature, the chaos and the harmony, the Yin and the Yang, and the sheer beauty and power it holds.I see beauty everywhere and am a keen hobby photographer.

1I am also a hobby gardener and a supporter of urban food gardens.I believe in the concept of : ” Do not give them fish to eat, teach them how to fish!”.

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As South Africa has such a relatively moderate climate and a tradition of “braaivleis,rugby and sunny skies”, a BBQ with friends,outside in the sun,is a favourite past-time. As is Golf…..enough said.